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our Testimonials

“My mom was going through chemo and it was taking her life away until she put a stop to the chemo. a month later from the day she stop chemo I heard about Dr. Sebi and I stumbled upon the Natural Phormula on YouTube where the owner of the company was on the news speaking of his company. My mom was diagnosed with an irreversible multiple myeloma a blood cancer where her own body is killing her. She was being attacked by bad protein in her heart. From then I didn’t stop I started giving her two spoons in the day and at night. She was thinking yeah whatever it’s another bs product but noooo this is working miracles she went from gasping from air sleeping all day and night not being able to get up and use the restroom. Bad swelling on her legs… it was horrible now she’s walking and smiles and her mind is also clearing up. I had to find a company that made authentic good products if I wanted to save my mom and thank you Natural Phormula my mom was diagnosed to die in 3 months and it's now been 3 months and now she’s walking. If it wasn’t for your company my mom wouldn’t be here right now. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Thank you for making a difference and not feeding us with products that are bad for the body but good! Your sea moss has truly made a difference on my mother. Because of you I still have my mother. Thank you so much.”


Customer Testimonial

“I recommend this product because it’s made naturally and has great health benefits.”

Lori Testimonial


“This product has helped me with my inflammation issues, weight management, and arthritis. I highly recommend consuming this product. My immune system feels a lot stronger.”

Valerie Testimonial


“Hey Everyone! Let me tell y’all about this Sea Moss. This is by far the best product I’ve ever had in my life with GREAT BENEFITS for a road to a healthy life. This product is very good at regulating diabetes which I have suffered with for some years now. My immune system feels stronger as a result. I also give this to my son every morning and night for his vitamins and nutrients that he needs. You should add this product to your diet. I really recommend it. Check this product out, you won’t be disappointed.”

Maleesa Testimonial


“This product works very well for hair, skin, and nail growth. I also use it as an energy booster and I have noticed the results quickly. My son also has Asthma and it has helped decrease the severity and likelihood of him having asthma attacks. This is a really good product and I highly recommend it.”

Makia Testimonial


“It was a no Brainer purchase for me.! After understanding the Benefits in nutrition provided by the product, I wasted no time! In the Past Seven days, I’ve been waking up 10-20 mins before my 6AM alarm EVERY Morning. Also, I haven’t had the urge to purchase ANY energy drinks which I previously bought EVERYDAY.! Thank You For The Firm Introduction To Sea Moss #NaturalPhormula”

Marshon Testimonial


“Great for your immune system which is very important considering the times that we are living in now. Has a great majority of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. One stop shop, a winner for sure.”

Titus Testimonial


“My immune system feels much stronger than it used to. Haven’t had any signs of a cold or flu for months now.”

Joavon Testimonial


“I have Arthritis, Asthma, Allergies and borderline Diabetic. I heard about Sea Moss and its benefits from my Godson and instantly jumped on it. I take it regularly and feel great. I’m a frequent customer. My oldest sister had Rheumatoid Arthritis as well and consistent intake does wonders for her as well. The moment I heard that Marlon was selling it I wanted to pick up right then and there. I had the capsules but like this gel better since it works faster. ”

Pam Testimonial


“Let me tell y’all . . I take a tablespoon of this everyday and it is definitely worth it rather than having to take a ton of vitamins everyday. If you are a college student (like me), who cares about their internal and external health or have children, then I recommend this Sea Moss Gel to you! It also supports reproductive health which is a hidden gem that it possesses. I have asthma as well so it keeps that under control.”

Jamari Testimonial


“Great service! Order was prompt and on time. I love this stuff. Bought one for my mom and I! FOREVER CUSTOMER.”

Devontae Testimonial


“Service was great! The seamoss really has its benefits! Helped me a lot with lupus & still is. Boosted my immune system (which I needed) Natural Phormula also recommended a series of other natural products as well. Definitely recommend ☺️”

Ariona Testimonial


“Great Product, felt myself getting a cold, put the sea moss in my tea... stopped the cold before it could run its course. Definitely a must have.”

Jasmine Testimonial


“Has no taste so works with anything and since I’ve started taking it I do feel healthier and more energized when I wake up in the morning.”

Mike Testimonial


“This product works very well in regards to my energy specifically. It has 92 of the 102 minerals that the body is composed of so my system always feels replenished. My kids also take them in smaller quantities of course, but it has them bouncing off of the walls! They are all in great health as well. I really recommend this product to anyone who has underlying conditions or just want to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.”

Sheena Testimonial


“The product has been a key contributor to my increase energy levels which is very important working in my profession. Being outside for long periods of time in the heat lured me towards this product with its ability to help fight against radiation and immune system boosting properties. Will recommend to my family as well to assist with coping with their underlying conditions as well.”

Korbin Testimonial


“This product has helped me reach my workout goals and also works as a great hangover aid. My uncle’s blood pressure was high, his face had swollen on one side and he couldn't use his left hand recently. We thought he was suffering from a stroke as he had done previously. He consumed an 8 oz jar of Natural Phormula Sea Moss Gel and is doing better within this short period of time. I HIGHLY recommend it!”

Bernard Testimonial