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about us

Natural Phormula is a company that was established August 2020. Natural Phormula is a Holisitic Alternative Health service. Natural Phormulas’ mission, vision, and passion is to increase and expand upon the awareness within a plethora of communities around the world who have never experienced the benefits of Holistic Alternative Health Service.  

Sea Moss
Marlon Sykes


My name is Marlon Sykes. I’m a young black male from the west side of Chicago, IL. After conquering a grueling battle with COVID-19, I became committed to living within my purpose which is to “help and serve the people”. Being a member of the United States Navy, a Illinois-licensed Firefighter, and participating in a plethora of Philanthropic efforts around the city, I’ve been able to operate within my purpose. Furthermore, I wanted to provide services and spread knowledge that would be everlasting and beneficial to communities around the world in helping them deal with common underlying health conditions, diseases, and issues. Coming from a family with a chronic history of Diabetes and Hypertension, I’ve always vowed to avoid these “hereditary” conditions by all costs. This led to the establishment of Natural Phormula. I plan to use my platform to provide products to individuals around the world in an effort to decrease the likelihood of these common underlying health conditions, diseases, and issues from affecting YOU.

what is seamoss?

Sea Moss — aka Irish Moss — is a type of red algae believed to boost your health and enchance your skin. It is found on the Atlantic coastlines of North America, Europe, and most notably, the Carribean Islands. Irish Sea Μοss has been used for generations in places like Ireland, Scotland, and Jamaica in food and as a folk medicine for thousands of years now. It is often used to help enhance the immune system, enhance your skin, fight off colds, or dried to create carrageenan (a common thickening ingredient).


August 2020

After sourcing the finest ingredients and creating an all-natural product line, Natural Phormula was born!

 March 2020

Marlon Sykes was diagnosed with COVID-19 and began his journey towards holistic health and wellness.